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Homeschooling networking in SA


The best way to get support and encouragement (and you will need this more than you think) is to connect with somebody personal - either by visiting or even by phone. This is called homeschool networking. To know who the other homeschoolers are in your area is often not easy - so how do you find them ? Often homeschoolers are not eager to share there personal information publically, and therefore you will not really know where they are unless YOU initiate the search.

Apart from numerous Homeschooling support groups on Facebook, there is also the South African homeschool support groups on Yahoo, 

homeschoolingsa · Homeschooling in South Africa

HomeschoolSA · Homeschool South Africa

HSKitchenTable · Practical Support for South African Homeschoolers

tuisonderwys · Tuisonderwys in Suid-Afrika - Home education in South Africa

Discussion list on home education in South Africa. Membership of the list is not limited and any matter may be raised, provided that it relates directly or indirectly to home education and provided that common courtesy is maintained. Group is maintained by Leendert van Oostrum.

Another interesting place to visit virtually is the SA homeschool HUBwhich is still in development but it may become a very useful means of connecting with other homeschooler in South Africa.

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I just wanted to say that I went onto your website and I have found that this is "THE" best one that I have seen, we have just started homeschooling and you have helped me a lot!! Thank you so much for all the emails and info and support.

I popped over to view your website and was blessed by your heart and depth of content