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TO THE POINT: The art of homemaking
August 25, 2018


I recently read this quote by CS Lewis, “The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.”

It was so good to read this, especially on those days when I wonder ‘what am I busy with again?’ To think about being a ‘home’ maker is so much better than just being a housewife. It is actually such a wonderful idea! To be able to have the time to ‘make’ a home. Similar to building a house, making a home requires vision, energy, resources and time. Just as a house’s foundation is laid first, and then the walls go up brick by brick, so a home’s foundation is laid when husband and wife is in unity, and then as teaching opportunities present themselves, the walls of education are built where children learn and grow into their potential.

Sometimes we struggle with feelings of insecurity, or worthlessness or doubt. It is not uncommon at all, especially when you make the fatal mistake of comparing yourself to others. But even in our day to day tasks, we often wonder whether this is good enough. The whole mindset of not being enough is a deep rooted problem in society.

But take heart, we are making a VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION to society by building a family or in other words building a ‘house’. It may not be something recognised in society by having awards, certificates or prizes given to you, and we definitely do not even get paid to do this, but it is a SIGNIFICANT thing to do and will always be the cornerstone of a healthy society.

We are encouraged in 1 Chron 28:10 by these words: Take heed NOW, for the Lord has called you to build a house…Be strong and do it. What better confirmation of the purpose of parenting, of homeschooling, of ‘building a house’! We are called to do this thing now in this season! It becomes easier to get on with the purpose as one is busy with the purpose.

It seems to be all the little things that make up a day to be the important things in the process of building a house. It is easy to think that the little things are unimportant especially if we cannot even remember what they are at the end of the day when someone asks you “How was your day? What did you do?”. Learn to not only honor but enjoy the little things. Learn also to recognise the ‘life’ and value in the little things. Those little things are the bricks making up the walls of the house. In Zech 4:10 we are warned “not to despise the day of small things”….

I remember when my children were younger I often thought of all the small things I was busy with in a day...and sometimes it was frustrating because I was looking for bigger things....but now I know those little things was the BIG thing when they were young. The foundation has been laid and the walls are growing higher each passing year.

One of these days it will be time to put on the roof as a new season start when children are leaving home. During this season we must guard our relationships, our home and our homeschool of becoming lifeless by always wanting more and bigger. Appreciate and watch out for the little blessings.

Let us renew our minds today to know that we are proud to be called ‘homemakers’ as that is the name of a noble career, or as Lewis put it – the ultimate career!

Until next time, Willemien

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