South African Art series for children´╗┐

beskikbaar in Afrikaans as:
Suid-Afrikaanse Kuns-reeks vir Kinders



1. Unique and first of its kind

2. Value for money

3. A full art class per unit

4. Available in English and Afrikaans

5. All-in-one curriculum (art history,

appreciation and practical)


1. Stimulate creative thinking

2. Develop an improved awareness of surroundings

3. Develop improved attention to detail

4. Development of right side of the brain

5. No preparation required


This unique ebook series provide an interactive learning experience for primary school (6-12 years) children.

Each unit includes a short biography of the artist, appreciation of his/her work and a practical art activity to be done in the style of the artist.

The front page includes pictures of artist and their works.
The first section is ART HISTORY, where we learn about South African artists and their history (LET US LEARN).
Then follows ART APPRECIATION, where we learn how to look at art (LET US LOOK).
Finally, there is ART PRACTICE where we make artworks in the style of the artist (LET US DO).

Only R150 per e-book or R300 for the printed book delivered to your doorstep. 

Special price for both printed books.

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South African Art series for Children BOOK 1
(BOEK 1 in Afrikaans)

 Includes the following 10 individual artists of South Africa:

Anton van Wouw

Cecil Skotnes

Bonnie Ntshalintshali

Maggie Laubser

David Goldblatt

Zakkie Eloff

Strijdom van der Merwe

Sibonelo Chiliza

Sam Nhlengethwa

Hanneke Benade

South African Art series for Children BOOK 2
(BOEK 2 in Afrikaans)

 Includes the following 10 individual artists of South Africa:


Irma Stern

San artists

Jan van der Merwe

Walter Battiss

Willie Bester 

Helen Martins

Gerard Sekoto

William Kentridge

Esther Mahlangu

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