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Chris and Ellyn Davis'
well thought through book

I saw the angel in the marble

This is another book that is also very well known internationally. I will definitely recommend buying the book especially if you have been homeschooling a while. What the Davis’ says will make sense if you are in the place of homeschooling but you need confirmation on ‘why are you doing this again ?”. The book serves as a reminder in many ways – a reminder that you are doing the right thing ! You need to just keep on doing it !

The Davis’ think through what they want to say. Listen to this : “To realize that your children can be set free to be the individuals God created them to be, you must first rediscover that it means to be – not homeschoolers, but parents.” Isn’t that what we all long for to achieve through homeschooling – to set our children free ?I agree with their opinion that homeschooling is a movement – “a specific context in which God can grow up a particular kind of person. A place where children are raised to become proficient at the specific giftings, talents and callings God has placed within their hearts.” This context is the family where the fathers’ (parents’) hearts are turned toward their children.This is also the reason why the very word homeschooling is such a misnomer for what really needs to happen when you home’school’. It can even be a term causing us to forget what we really need to do as we tend to focus too easily on the ‘schooling’ side of home ? Davis encourages us all to urgently rethink what do we really want to do and achieve with our home education ? It is about having the right vision. We need to know and understand what are we preparing them for ….we need wisdom.

It is easy to think that homeschooling is just about bringing school home, it is not – homeschooling is about discipleship.

With chapters on curiosity, determining your child’s real needs, homeschool burnout and even a chapter with the title “the day homeschooling dies’ one can be sure that the book will be one you cannot put down if you are ready for it. Well known John Taylor Gatto has written the foreword and his words are “It (this book’s thesis that one’s own family is the only place to become proficient at the specific gifting and callings God had placed in each child) is a contention which immediately resonates with me….”We have the advantage as home educating parents to live alongside our children to observe each one individually until we can see what God created and put inside of them, so that we can raise them for the very purpose they were created to be. Of course this is something all parents will say that they do – but “it is possible that children are educated to do something other than what God had created them to be”. Is school not just about creating ‘employees for the job market’ – trained in specific way of thinking, not their own thinking ? “If God has a bigger picture in mind” a picture with higher priorities than academics, then we need to make sure that we figure out what this bigger picture is.

With the Davis’ we must do this by faith to “raise up a generation who’ll have an uncomplicated faith in God, an unmoveable disagreement with darkness and an unmistakeable sense of who they are and that they were born for such a day as this.” And we do this by taking one day at a time. Be encouraged and challenged by the message in this book. And take time us we all need to do – to rethink priorities, purposes and pursuits.

The book is available in South Africa at LOOT or otherwise at AMAZON. Click on the bookstore of your choice to buy the book.

The Davises have written an excellent e-book (available to read FREE) called DEVELOPING A STRONG ENOUGH WHY emphasizing the importance of clarifying the real motivation for homeschooling. The intro reads as follows....In home schooling your children, if you have a strong enough WHY, the HOWs will take care of themselves. Most problems with home schooling tend to occur because parents get hung up over the HOWs of home schooling. And the reason is, they don’t have a strong enough WHY. Here are the six strongest reasons why we chose to home school our children. To read the rest of the ebook click here.

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