Getting (re)started on Homeschooling

You have done enough research and now you have made the decision!

Congratulations! It is the first step which is the hardest, at least mentally!

However, now questions are probably flooding your mind, such as:

  • How do I start my home education?
  • What do I do?
  • Where do I begin homeschooling?
  • What are the basics?
  • What do I do tomorrow?

On this page you can read through the first 10 survival steps you can take for a smoother journey ahead. More detail will develop as you will be doing more research and implementing the the 7-step Process to Improve Your Homeschool.

10 Steps When You Decide to Homeschool

1. Relax!

2. Continue your homelife as normal.

If it wasn’t normal try and establish healthy routines such as regular mealtimes, home cleaning and laundry times, bathtimes and family together times.

3. Organise your home by making spaces, places and times available for homeschooling (this may take a while – days, weeks or even months). 

4. Declutter your home – now is the time to throw away and clean up your house together with your children if they are old enough to help.

6.  Invest in some good quality books or ‘stuff’ for your child(ren) on whatever is their interest.

7. Allow and encourage productive free time as much as possible.

8. Have reading times with the children – together, scheduled or unplanned, read aloud and silent. Read anything your family value.

9. Invest in some good homeschool books for yourself to read (and read again).  Invest in Homeschooling Curriculum Guides or see my Recommended Reading.

10. Have planning and thinking times.

During this time study the 7-step Process for Improvement and do the 7-steps homework.

It is helpful to learn the new vocabulary of the homeschool world, so that you are not completely lost when reading about homeschooling.

Also read these Errors to avoid by an experienced mom of 10!

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