Doing It Your Way

Have you ever found yourself struggling with the following questions:

Are we doing okay?

Are we doing the right thing?

Is this going to work?

Questions will be more if you tend to compare yourself and your children with other people.

It is easy to fall into the trap of comparing to be able to measure your progress.

Measurement is important, but you do not measure by comparing yourself with others. You measure yourself against your own goals, your own set of values, your own vision.

Only then will you know if you are really making progress and doing the right thing!

It is when you measure, that you start to make changes (to your schedule, your home, the curriculum, the routine etc.), adapting and doing your own thing to suit your style.

It is then that you start doing eclectic homeschooling.

It happens to most homeshoolers over the years, since no curriculum is the perfect one-size-fits-all answer to your child's individual needs.

In the following pages you will find a very simplified process broken down into 7 easy steps that will help you to continuously improve your homeschool.

The 7-Step process diagram

This process is something I have developed over the years as I have applied it personally.  An article on this was featured on the frontpage of The Old Schoolhouse magazine one time, have a look here: The 7 Step process to homeschool improvement

If it will help you to better understand the concepts , visit My eclectic homeschool way and see how I’ve done it my way!

Remember that every family is unique and the outcome for each family is unique.

It may also be useful to read about Child Development phases for information on what is important for each phase.

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For more information on the 7 steps just click on the links below:

Step1 Vision

Step2 Approaches

Step3 Course of study

Step4 Curriculum

Step5 Plan and do

Step6 Measure and reward

Step7 Adapt to improve

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