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doing it my way

Our family's example

Eclectic homeschooling is defined as compiling or writing your own home school curriculum by taking the best of different approaches and styles to suit your family’s individual needs. Some background on how my eclectic homeschooling developed (maybe you can identify..):

· When my oldest was ‘school age’ I bought a curriculum for a few subjects, however

· On the very first day of studying the Teacher manual I threw it away, since it didn’t make any sense (too many subjects per day with no logic to the rhythm) and it was just too difficult to use(too much paper used for too little info.)

· On the second day I threw away one subject’s total workbook since the quality of information was so low – and it contained facts that I did not want my child to know at that age.

· Within a week I realized that the books I had ordered is just somebody else’s best decision on what a child of a certain age should know about – it did not reflect what I thought my child should know.

· Within a month I realized that if somebody else can make a decision on books, I can make my own decision and just order the books somewhere else (for much less cost).

· Within the first quarter, I knew that buying even another curriculum is not going to answer my needs or support what I wanted for our children’s education.

· Therefore within the first year, I realized I can and I did write my own curriculum for the following year

· Within that same year I realized I have actually been ‘homeschooling’ since the day my child was born and I just needed to continue with it, improving along the way, so

· For the past 20 years I have been homeschooling the eclectic way year by year and still doing it my own way….with great success (by the way)

As my experience developed, my confidence in what to use and what not to use has improved and for the past 20 years it has been a process of improvement year by year. With a growing vision of where we want to end up, the curriculum is adapted as we go along. It is not as difficult as you think – you are your child’s best educator – you just need to BELIEVE it !

On the following pages I have explained what we as a family did with every step of following the 7 Step process for homeschool improvement. For even more detail on how we as a family are doing this homeschool thing...

Buy the Homeschooling Guide on a Personal eclectic curriculum to see how we have compiled our own curriculum over all these years

For more information on the steps as we did it just click on it:

Step1 Vision personal

Step 2 Approaches personal

Step 3 Course of study personal

Step 4 Curriculum personal

Step 5 Plan and do personal

Step 6 Measure and reward personal

Step 7 Adapt to improve personal

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Dankie Willemien, dat jy met soveel oorgawe leef, en byna refleksief soveel gee, en ook so wyd.

I just wanted to say that I went onto your website and I have found that this is "THE" best one that I have seen, we have just started homeschooling and you have helped me a lot!! Thank you so much for all the emails and info and support.

I popped over to view your website and was blessed by your heart and depth of content