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Here you will find plenty of advice.  Whether you are considering homeschooling, just starting out or need guidance on eclectic homeschooling.

Our Homeschooling Guides e-books offer excellent advice on understanding what to do when you start, how to compile your own eclectic curriculum and topics such as  organization, administration, socialization and child development phases (which you must always take into account when planning).

One UNIQUE South African curriculum - Omvattend Afrikaans will have you covered for the foundation years.


Figuring out whether this is the right choice for you is the first step, but don't worry - we can help you with 10 Steps to help you decide, answers to common questions regarding the legal implications here in South Africa, recommended reading you can do before making a decision as well as a unique perspective on the big socialization question.


Have you already decided to take that leap of faith and dive into homeschooling? You've made a great choice, but what now, you may ask?

We will help you with 10 Steps on how to start your home education journey, share what you need to focus on now depending on which Child Development phase your children are in, and recommend some really good reading for you to do as part of making the paradigm shift!

Eclectic homeschooling?

Maybe you have heard of the word- eclectic - maybe not, but you will.  In homeschooling terms this means that you put together your own curriculum by choosing what works best for your children and your style.  To better understand this you can also see how I did it as an example.  

Why can I help you?

My own children have finished well, and I am convinced that homeschooling made all the difference.  Even though one cannot compare how a public school experience would have been like for them, I can imagine how much different my own life would have been.  I am thankful for the privilege and opportunity my own children had.  For more detail on our family, read here on the different paths they took.