Introducing Homeschooling:
the more excellent way

“When so many in our society act like attending public school is a rite of passage, he is telling people that there is a better way. He simply believes that home education is the best option for creating independent thinkers and nurturing their natural talents and interests.."

~ Nancy Carter

(Speaking about John Taylor Gatto in an announcement at Old Schoolhouse Expo 2010.)

Home 'schooling' is not so much about schooling as about home educating your own children.

For many of us this alone implies a big paradigm shift to be made since we have grown up with schooling and education meaning two different things.

Schooling was done at a school away from home and education was done at home.

In reality homeschooling is about integrating the two, and maybe the word is a misnomer.

The truth is that when you homeschool you educate and everytime you educate you are ‘schooling’.

  • It is a wonderful journey one undertake in faith…the path is not clearly marked.
  • It is a definite COMMITMENT you make.
  • It is not just a good idea, it is so much more than that.
  • It is personal decision you make with your heart, and your head follows later.
  • It is the right thing to do.

Quotes from Real Homeschoolers

Once you've made the decision, you will be surprised at the positive rewards you’ll these quotes from other real homeschoolers for some encouragement!

"I would never have known my children as well as I do now."

"As ownership is a requirement for sharing so freedom is required for the development of responsibility. Homeschooling provides the freedom allowing responsibility to bloom in its time."


"My child's confidence has increased dramatically. Homeschooling has brought peace to our home. Learning takes place more integrated in daily life. Morality and values can be coupled with all learning."


"Home schooling brings out my best side and my worst side..."


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