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Recommended reading

On the following pages I would like to introduce you to my choice of top 5 authors on homeschooling. What amazes me is that there is such a variety of people saying the same thing, and yet the world needs the different nuances, the difference in perspective and the difference in how it is said. Sometimes it seems that one only hears what you need to hear after hearing it a number of times, and hearing it from different people ! So let me share with you what I have heard through these authors and their contributions to homeschool literature.

Marilyn Howshall

My very first book I read on homeschool was Wisdom’s Way of Learning by Marilyn Howshall. She has also written a number of articles on different topics and currently she and her husband has their own ministry called Intentional Parenting. For a more complete introduction go to Marilyn Howshall

Sally Clarkson

Clay and Sally Clarkson’s Educating the wholehearted child is still a winner as a first good homeschool book to read. Their very practical advice on boxes of time and ‘learning areas’ has helped the first years through. For a better introduction to this book and other books by them go to Sally Clarkson.

Ellyn Davis

Chris and Ellyn Davis’ book called I saw the angel in the marble is an amazing book to read to understand what the homeschool movement may be about. This is a book that will help you contemplate again what you are really trying to do when you homeschool and it is really written in such a way as to make you think. To read more about this book go to Ellyn Davis

Ruth Beechick

Author Ruth Beechick is well known internationally and she has written a number of books. Her best known book, The Three R’s help you with the practicalities of GrK-3 and her follow up book for Gr4-8, You can teach your child successfully is still a must read for every beginner homeschooler. For a more complete introduction on her books go to Ruth Beechick

Robin Sampson

Heart of Wisdom’s Robin Sampson is maybe best known in helping re-establish priorities in homeschooling. A lot of what she says will make sense if one has been homeschooling a while and experienced ‘something is missing’. To read more about her Heart of Wisdom curriculum go to Robin Sampson

Other home education books

I have also included some other writers such as Raymond Moore, Karen Andreola (on Charlotte Mason) and Susan Macauley Shaeffer whose books have also contributed to my own philosophy of education w.r.t. our homeschool. These books are reviewed as part of other useful homeschool books

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