About us - Kruger family

I enjoy learning about the person behind a website, so let me share a little about myself.

I am Willemien Kruger, married and mother to 3 children (pictured below). I have been homeschooling them since birth (nearly two decades now).

We live in South Africa. After travelling through our beautiful country for 2 years, we chose the "Klein Karoo" as the place to settle and continue building  our homeschooling lifestyle.

We have always homeschooled our children, and view it as a privilege and a way to accomplish what we want to achieve as a family.

The Kruger family in 2021.

Two decades ago, I was a very ambitious, performance-orientated, driven career woman (industrial engineer). 

That was before getting married and eventually having my life turned around completely by children!

God had other plans for me (Jer 29:11) - wonderful and good plans, as I discovered and enjoyed over the years to come. 

I love the season I am in now…as a full-time homeschool mother of 3 precious children.

I am involved in different projects related to education often. 

I have worked

  • in factories,
  • implemented big computer systems,
  • done business process analysis and
  • performed consulting work.

Part of my career background also includes teaching Project management at North West University (South Africa). During that time I completed a Masters degree on the topic of Engineering education. This helped me discover that there is no one right answer to the challenge of education. There are probably more questions than answers.

When I started homeschooling my children formally, nearly two decades ago, I managed our active Homeschool Support group locally.

As homeschooling is still a growing movement in South Africa, I have met and advised many people on homeschooling issues, ranging from concerns with socialization, how to start, what to do, 'deschooling' and curriculum choices.

As my personal experience with my own children grew, it became more natural to advise others especially on eclectic homeschooling as a curriculum choice.  Apart from individually advising others on home education, I am comfortable presenting seminars as well. 

Some of my articles have been published internationally (The Schoolhouse Magazine), as well as a course on "Growing in homeschool confidence".

As the need for curriculum grows, I have also written, developed, co-authored and published an Afrikaans language and unique South African Art curriculum to be used as part of an eclectic approach.

After many years of practically and personally doing homeschooling, advising others and the hard work of writing down what I learn, it was a big accomplishment for me personally to publish a series of Homeschooling Guides

I still love to research and read wholesome, intelligent and value adding information I can find on homeschooling,  and I enjoy to share what I learn. Thus the idea of a website as a place to share came first as an idea – then to concept - then to reality. For more information on how this was accomplished click on the link below:

SITE BUILD IT can help you work from home realistically!

Although I have strong opinions about all sorts of issues, I try to stay teachable.

As a family we are learning every day, to walk and live with the grace of God at the center of our lives. We grow continuously in this journey of life and it is my hope that this website will ensure your growth as a reader as well.