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Free teachings on
God's grace and love for you

The following sermons are those that I have personally listened to. These have all impacted my understanding of God's true nature and His loving intentions towards us. His plans for you are good ! We can trust Him if we know Him. These are all available for FREE download. Be blessed as you listen and grow in God's grace and allow Him to love you into wholeness. Marnes Nel is a pastor in South Africa and he has given me permission to distribute these messages for free.

English sermons

No Fear

God will do abundantly above

Prosperity is the will of God Part1

Prosperity is the will of God Part2

Running your race

Victory through the cross Part1

Victory through the cross Part2

Weapons of our warfare

Afrikaans sermons

Doeners van die Woord


God is net Goed

Moenie gelyk word nie

Onbewuste geloof

Vrymoedigheid van 'n leeu

Vryspraak deur geloof

Wonderwerke wys na God


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Dankie Willemien, dat jy met soveel oorgawe leef, en byna refleksief soveel gee, en ook so wyd.

I just wanted to say that I went onto your website and I have found that this is "THE" best one that I have seen, we have just started homeschooling and you have helped me a lot!! Thank you so much for all the emails and info and support.

I popped over to view your website and was blessed by your heart and depth of content