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Other useful homeschool books to read

On other pages I have shared which authors and what books have been the most useful to me in clarifying my homeschool philosophy, approach and style. These books have all contributed to my personal growth.

On this page I will briefly share some other author’s books which I will also recommend highly.

A Charlotte Mason companion -

personal reflections on the gentle art of learning

Karen Andreola’s book is an excellent easy-to-read book to help one reflect and relax to improve your understanding of Charlotte Mason’s ideas. It is not a curriculum but is practical enough to apply many concepts. Concepts such as what a living book is, why is narration so important, how to do nature study, music and art appreciation as well as just understanding better the importance of a loving home atmosphere. After each chapter a set of questions is included to help you think through many concepts, and this can be used for personal learning or as part of a group setting. What I personally enjoyed about the book is the lovely pictures included – it gives a feeling of the sentiment of what Charlotte Mason originally tried to communicate. This book will be especially useful for people just starting out homeschooling or people with young children at home.

For more information on Charlotte Mason see the following website :

Ambleside Online.

The book is available in South Africa at LOOT or otherwise at AMAZON. Click on the bookstore of your choice to buy the book.

For the Family’s sake – the value of home in everyone’s life

Susan Schaeffer Macaulay’s “For the Family’s sake” is another book I enjoyed reading. It is not as easy-to-read and this book is also not about homeschool or curriculum only. Her other book “For the Children’s sake” shares more practical application of specifically Charlotte Mason’s method to homeschooling. This book however is a reminder for all of us not to underestimate the eternal value we add to our family’s lives by providing a loving home and being there. She even strongly argues that it is not a mother’s place to work outside the home. Ministry to our children is our primary God-given responsibility! It provides tips on routines, schedules and good advice on home-grown activities. She shares that most homes in today’s society is not a home but a sterile living base – and this causes unhappiness, dissatisfaction and boredom, which is the opposite of what God intended for us to have as part of abundant life ! The book is a real call-back to home especially for those of us who sometimes feel the pressure of outside, or those of us who feel the dips of life or wondering what the other side may bring. Let this book be an encouragement that your job as a mother is valuable, interesting and enjoyable if you see it from another perspective!

Susan Macaulay's books are available in South Africa at LOOT or otherwise at AMAZON. Click on the bookstore of your choice to buy the book.

The successful homeschool family handbook

by Dr Raymond and Dorothy Moore is as its subtitle says – a creative and stress-free approach to homeschooling. This book presents some of the best methods to homeschooling and it warns one not to copy bad methods in your home education such as too much pressure too early, too many workbooks, too much work on a computer etc. It is a low-cost, low-stress program showing you how to build a curriculum around your child’s needs and interests. You’ll discover the freedom of a flexible program that encourages creativity and initiative. It offers practical strategies that will help you avoid burnout, understand how your cihld’s developmental stages contribute to learning and see the big picture of family in society.

This book is available from

The book is available in South Africa at LOOT or otherwise at AMAZON. Click on the bookstore of your choice to buy the book.

In South Africa this book can also be bought from Oikos Ministries in SA

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