Homeschool Consulting

Willemien Kruger is an experienced homeschool mother of three precious children for nearly two decades, and has been an advisor on home education for many years.  

She has presented numerous talks countrywide as their family traveled throughout South Africa for two years (a lifestyle that home education enabled them to do). See their Travel blog here:

Willemien has many years’ experience as lecturer / curriculum developer at university level and has done postgraduate research on engineering education models.

As a consulting Industrial Engineer, she has been trained to analyse processes and search for ways to improve existing systems. This interesting background gives her the edge to lift levels of excellence in homeschooling. She is passionate about home education and loves to do research on this topic, adding wholesome, intelligent and valuable information thereto.

A number of her articles have been published internationally (eg. The Old Schoolhouse magazine Digital Edition) and her course, Growing in homeschool Confidence is featured on

Willemien offers the following services:

Personal Consulting

Have her as your personal coach to lead you by the hand every month for as long as you need to grow in confidence in your homeschool journey.

Homeschool Talks

Invite her for a comprehensive talk on Home Education if you know of 5+ families interested in knowing more about Home Education.

Any living room will do.

All Questions welcome!

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