"Discover your life purpose" curriculum for children

God Idea Productions has a vision …. to see every child (South Africa, Africa and the world) flourish in the knowing that he/she is a God idea.

Part of this includes to involve parents in their childrens’ spiritual education, to restore parent-child relationships.

Their mission is to help children ages 6-14 years discover their talents, gifts, calling, vision and blessings to live a fulfilled and blessed life, by the use of God-Idea materials and mentors. 

“Every child is a God idea.” 

Every child is uniquely created with gifts, talents and personality to live and enjoy a blessed life.

Here is a Curriculum and a Journal which can lead a child to a happier life and a special calling in God.

Author Hettie Brittz says: “This is the first product that I see which shows parents practically how to educate their children spiritually.”

Their products include:

My Journal of Blessings

A fun filled, interactive journal which involves the whole family. This journal guides parents to assist their children in discovering their personal vision.

I am a God Idea Curriculum

A 40 lesson curriculum which parents/teachers can use to guide children to a blessed life. It consists of a Teacher Manual and a Child workbook. These two books make is easy, fun and interactive to discover you life purpose!

God Idea Productions also present personal vision seminars and curriculum training sessions for interested facilitators, parents and teachers.

Contact Naomi Bezuidenhout on (082)9201438 in South Africa, or visit their website at GodIdeas.co.za