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Pros and cons of homeschooling

A quick glance at the pros and cons of homeschooling will let you see that how you interpret the statements has to do with what glasses you have on. I am assuming that if you read this then you are a loving parent who likes her/his children, who wants to spend time with them and train them. If your heart is already turning, then read on and be amazed….

(the lists below are only introductory, for complete lists refer to Considering Home Education book below)

Very fulfilling – as you are doing the right thing and growing in that knowing It will change your lifestyle because it requires a commitment more than just adding it to your current schedule
You can be training your child up in the way they should go Requires emotional energy (because one is with your children more….)
You can be reaching the hearts of your children Requires conflict resolution strategies and energy

Another interesting comparison to do is to really think about the differences in the school system and homeschool. If you think they are the same with the only difference being where it takes place, read on and discover the BIG important ones. These might well be THE reason for home educating your child.

An individual with a focus on developing the whole person Part of group and must conform to group standards restricting individual growth
Environment is designed to stimulate curiosity and creativity to learn System is designed to order, regulate and control
Environment is developed to accommodate a child’s individual strengths (eg. giftedness) and weaknesses (special needs) and his/her own pace of learning. System is developed to accommodate the average learner, so slow and fast learners are frustrated

Buy the Homeschooling Guide on Considering Home Education for more complete information

Some of the information was summarized from the book Educating the wholehearted child by Clay and Sally Clarkson (1973). This book is reviewed in Recommended reading.

Successful homeschooling is one the most comprehensive websites I have come across providing lists of benefits/advantages as well as the disadvantages to homeschooling. Also see the comparisons on public vs homeschooling on the site. Excellent source of info !

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