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Step 6 - How our family measure and reward

Read more about Measure and reward as Step6 of the HCG 7 Step process

Measurement it is the most important step to see whether you are progressing forward or backward. Measurement is not something taken lightly I our home, as it is the only way of really knowing what we are busy with.

How did we do it ?

The most important and easiest measuring is done on a daily basis where I check everything the children has done for that day. I put a check mark on the daily schedule to indicate is something has been done. If there was a lesson to be marked or a test written I mark that as well. Rewards for work done on a daily basis includes verbal praise and stickers or comments in the books directly.

The second level of measurement is done at the end of a quarter, where I sit down and check off quarterly goals and discuss progress, issues and problems with my husband. In our home we have a rhythm of having 2 months school, 1 month holiday – so every holiday is evaluation time of the quarter which has passed and planning time for the next quarter.

Lastly I have an annual review or ‘end of the year’ analysis where I will sit down to evaluate our homeschooling goals and how we’ve done in attaining them. It is also at this time (end of year long summer holiday time) where I get around to re-evaluate our vision and how we did in getting there.

For the children the end of a year is always a highlight when we have an exhibit of all their work done for the year. It contains all their artworks, workbooks, notebooks, books read, experiments, models built, certificates received in their activities etc. The children are involved in staging the exhibit. I take detail photos of such an exhibit to include in each child’s Portfolio which will serve as evidence on learning done throughout the years. After an exhibit, we file the reports, photos and certificates, and put all the ‘stuff’ in boxes. A photo of one such an exhibit is shown below…and also the front page of a report.

A Year end report example:

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