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Step 5 - Our family's homeschool planning and doing

Read more about how to Plan and Do as Step5 of the HCG 7 Step process

My most basic schedule is the weekly schedule. What really helped me plan a schedule is the decision I made to have an easy to remember 2months school, 1month holiday routine resulting in a 36 week school year. 4 quarters of 9weeks school are separated by a month of holiday in which all sorts of other interest related, fun and projects requiring more focus are done. In scheduling weeks, I follow a principle of a 4day typical school day and a 1day fun school day per week. Monday to Thursday we do all the basics (discipleship, languages and Math) as well as Social studies and Science. On Fridays we have our fun day with Science experiments, Art and music, Poetry, Technology and research projects. Most of the books I have for curriculum is therefore scheduled for completion in 36 weeks.

How did we do it ?

For my Annual/Yearly and Quarterly plan I use a simple black book in which I note a few overall goals for the year based on my Vision as defined previously. Some years I have to focus more on some aspects of character growth than other years for each child’s individual vision per year. Some years academics need attention more than other things and some years family changes (eg. new baby) or trips or ministry affects the plan. It is therefore necessary to rewrite a new vision for each child for each year, but one can use the previous years as basis for planning the following year.

For every subject I take each individual book or books (which I use as resources) and determine the number of pages to do per week or per day depending on how regularly we do that subject each week. If the amount of pages seem to much, I will try and see if the frequency of doing the subject can change. If the amount of pages is not enough I will know that I can still add to that by getting additional material. If you ask me how do I know whether it is enough the answer is : I don’t, but I do not care that much. I believe and trust my instinct and I pray for guidance. You can too trust your instinct – you know your child the best. It is amazing how quickly you will learn if you just start doing something. The number of pages, or sections or Lessons to complete per week, I write in the front of the book to stay within the book. I then proceed with planning the children’s weekly schedules. Below an example of a schedule for the Foundation phase.

Our schedules

Below a sample of my personal schedule, for a child busy with Foundation phase. With my weekly schedules planned I am ready to start the DOING ! While DOING the plan there will be some changes, hiccups and non-planned events or activities or even work. This is noted in the schedule or in my black book. Then the next step of Measurement is done during the holiday month I have planned at the end of each quarter.

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