Step 7 - How Our Family Continuously Adapt to Improve Our Homeschool

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Since I enjoy planning, I also enjoy measuring progress and adjusting plans to reach our goals.

It has been something that flows naturally along with measurement.

I have been doing it for many years now and is still continuously improving our homeschool environment.

It is also my firm belief that one should understand that you are always learning and in a way experimenting, therefore you don't need to be afraid of change.

As long as you change with the purpose of improving things, and not just for the sake of change.

How Did We Do It?

As stated in the previous step (Step6 measurement), I measure and make notes on a quarterly and annual basis.

Therefore each new quarter or new year sets the 7 Steps process in motion again.

When planning for a new quarter, or more often a new year, I look at my notes to see whether any changes is needed.

I then incorporate these ideas into all the elements I use for planning, whether it's the

  • Vision,
  • Course of Study,
  • Curriculum or
  • Schedules.

Every start of a new year, with new books and a new schedule, usually takes some time to settle in. The first few weeks are flexible to incorporate any adjustments needed.

Adapting to change is something that is part of the process and it only leads to continuously improving our homeschool.

  • I have learnt not to be afraid to try something new.

  • I have learnt to take risks, and not compare with others.

  • I have learnt I will know when something is working or not working.

With experience in doing the 7-Step process, has come more peace of mind.

I strongly encourage you to try the Homeschooling Curriculum Guide‘s 7 Step process and see how it helps you gain confidence in your homeschool effort.

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