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Step 4 - How our family investigate and get curriculum

Read more about how to Investigate and get curriculum as Step4 of the HCG 7 Step process

Showing our family’s personal curriculum has been a decision I had to make, as it is a work in progress as well as very personal. So my intention is to give you ideas only! Remember that it is a personal judgment of best books selected per subject for my own children. It may even not give you ideas. It is not advisable to copy this curriculum in total as you will most likely be frustrated by it within a very short time. That is my warning ! Look at it to learn, and then compile your own set of books and materials to use. Each family is unique and each family has their own specific goal to achieve here on earth. Each family has to figure out for themselves what they need to do and not to do.

How did we do it ?

Remember that : I had a vision already (Step1) , I understood enough about different approaches to homeschool to know what I would prefer (Step2) and I had a personal course of study for our family (Step3). This was all done before my oldest child was 6 years old. (I must add though that this took 2 years – reading, thinking, reflecting and making decisions as well as discussing with spouse and writing down the stuff I was thinking about…do not despair if this takes a lot of time!)

One may ask – will it not change and the answer is Yes it might… But the more important thing to say at this point is that I am not afraid of missing some things, I am not afraid of adjusting or making changes or even scrapping things. The fear has gone – and in its place there is peace. Remember that as a believer you can always ask for guidance and wisdom. James 1:5-6 “If any of you is deficient in wisdom, let him ask of the giving God [Who gives] to everyone liberally and ungrudgingly, without reproaching or faultfinding, and it will be given him. Only it must be in faith..“

Another thing to remember when looking at our own curriculum is the fact that we have included lots of books since we had lots of books already in our home ! It does not concern me much in what specific grade the book will be read, it is not something you or your child will likely be questioned about. I have included books on gardening, health, physical fitness, business and spiritual growth books as part of ‘school curriculum’. These are typically books that is on a bookshelf somewhere in your home already, and if you continue doing somebody else’s curriculum it will never be touched or read by your children. This is the fact that I wanted to avoid. I wanted to save my children time…I wanted them to have been exposed to some wonderful literature they could learn from before they leave home.

I share detail on our curriculum choices for different grades in my book....

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